Fresh Buds

Our Flowers

Seasonal, Sustainable, Beautiful.

At Abbey Farm Flowers, it's all about the seasons. You won't find year-round roses, out-of-season chrysanthemums or the same old flowers week after week - we have to grow with the seasons, so our flowers are constantly changing.

Our unique setting in a stunning medieval abbey means that we have to be respectful of the heritage - this means no polytunnels, no heavy equipment and a lot more hard work, but we think it's worth it to be able to come here every day and call such an amazing place our office. 

We use a 'No-Dig' system of growing wherever possible; growing into compost laid on top of the existing ground. This preserves both the soil and any historical features, and produces beautiful fertile growing beds. 

We aim to open to the public for Pick-Your-Own, as there is nothing quite like choosing, cutting and taking home your own flowers to arrange as you like. Every bouquet is a one-off, and we hope it will be a wonderful time for friends and families to come and spend some time together in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

Abbey Farm Flowers is new in 2021, so we need some time to grow, but we hope to see you all very soon!