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Monthly Flower Club

Last year we started a monthly flower club, and it was a lovely opportunity to make new friends, spend some time in the flowers and learn a bit more about flowers and gardening. For 2024 we're adding an additional day on a different week, so that if you have a holiday or appointment, you don't need to miss a month! We will start again in April, on the first Tuesday and second Friday of each month. 

Tour & Talk

Each session will start with a quick tour of what's changed since last month. Monthly is a great interval, as you should see a big change each time you come. We'll show you how to pick, and what's in season. Each month we'll do a quick informal talk or demo, so that you'll go home a bit wiser as well as a bit more unfrazzled.



Each month you'll pick a vase of flowers, the best of the month, and totally your choice! One of our members last year took a photo of each month's bunches and got her friends to vote for their favourite!


Coffee & Cake

The important bit - Emma is a whizz at cakes (I'lll stick to the gardening, for everyones sakes) and we always make lots of time for a chat over tea, coffee & cake. This is where the magic happens - friends made, tips shared, ideas born and time spent making time for yourself. 



Flower Club is £30 per session. We would prefer if you could book online, so that we know how many to expect, but drop-ins are always welcome. Come once or come every month, it's entirely up to you, and the pay-as-you-go format means its perfect to bring a friend, or for holidaymakers as a one-off. 

Treat Yourself!

Make a date with yourself for some time spent in beautiful surroundings, with like-minded people, creating something unique to take home. Book Here

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