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Christmas Wreath Workshops

We have had lots of people asking if we’re doing Christmas wreath workshops - so we are! We’ve arranged to use the cafe just across from our cutting garden, and we’ll be filling it with everything you need to create a unique, handcrafted Christmas wreath.

Like lots of things, there’s no right or wrong with wreaths, but there is better and worse - some are on Oasis bases, which are totally unbiodegradable, and some involve lots of wire and plastic, which we want to avoid.

We’ll be making our own willow, hazel or grapevine wreath bases, and using locally sourced foliage and foraged highlights. Many florists use imported greens. This is not just more CO2 in the transportation system, but sometimes they’re already weeks old by the time they get to you, so the quality is not great.

Wreaths are a temporary, seasonal deco, but there’s no reason they should be disposable. You can reuse the base and any dried elements, and all the ingredients can go straight onto the compost heap when you’re finished with it in the new year.

Join us for mince pies, holly, fir cones and Christmas creativity, and we can help you create a one-off seasonal work of art!

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