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We’ve got a very exciting weekend this weekend - our first ever wedding!

It’s a friend of Emma’s who’s getting married in a beautiful traditional marquee in a field overlooking the valley down to the sea. I will post lots of photos on Instagram after the event, as I think it’s going to be rather lovely. They want cottage style arrangements to dress antique cider barrels, and an archway to be the centrepiece for their ceremony.

Next week we’re going to open for our very first PYO session, too. It’s all a bit slow to come so far, but we’ve got lots of cornflowers, snapdragons, cosmos, cerinthe, salvias, marigolds and lots more coming, so it seems silly to wait. The more you pick these flowers, the more you get!

We will be taking bookings online for PYO, so that we can manage the numbers, so if you’re interested go to and choose your session. It costs £15 for a vase full of whatever takes your fancy!

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