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New Beginnings!

We're here! With trepidation, excitement and slight disbelief, we are officially now the proud stewards of this amazing little patch of ground.

Overshadowed by 13th & 14th-Century ruins, we are in one of the most picturesque locations you can imagine. Behind us is St Catherine's Chapel, and we look across the medieval pond to the imposing honeyed stone of the tithe barn - once the largest in England, it is a huge thatched monument to the once wealthy abbey complex.

Our aim is to grow flowers - to sell, to share, to wallow in! We will be selling bouquets locally, and will also invite the public in to come and cut their own. We hope everyone else will get the same quiet thrill we do from wandering the rows, selecting the best blooms and putting them together in their own unique combinations. We hope to see families, friends, brides-to-be, flower arrangers and visitors all enjoying the colour, beauty and wildlife of a seasonal cut flower garden.

To respect the location, we will not be using polytunnels, plastic coverings or any other tricks to extend our season, so flowers will be strictly seasonal, as nature intended. What was once just pasture will hopefully soon buzz with the bees, butterflies, hoverflies and other life that our flowers will attract, and we plan to enhance the areas we don't cut from with native wildflowers.

We'll need a bit of time to put down roots, but please come and see how we're getting on, and

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