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Farewell Flowers

Saying Goodbye, Sustainably

Flower Arrangement

Funeral Flowers

We are always very honoured to be asked to create funeral flowers, as it's such a personal time.

We will work with you to create something that really 'gets' the person, and are happy to incorporate flowers or foliage from your or their gardens. There is no right or wrong way to do a funeral.


What are 'Sustainable' Funeral Flowers?

In recent decades, funeral flowers have often included elements such as floral foam (Oasis) bases, plastic decorations, plastic bases etc. This doesn't tie in with our ethos, and as arrangements may be buried forever, including plastics is just not ethical, or necessary. Our flowers are always seasonal, homegrown where possible and British if not. If we use imports, we'll let you know, but there is usually a British solution, whatever the season.


We create fully compostable arrangements, which can be buried or home composted after use.  Many churches are now foam-free, and natural burial grounds insist on 100% compostable.


Get Involved

We are always happy to incorporate flowers or foliage from your garden, and if you want to, you can help make the final piece. It's a very mindful way to pay tribute, and an informal style can be created by anyone.

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